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Milan Signature Terms & Conditions

1. Milan Signature Services

Last Updated on November 26, 2022

IMPORTANT: By agreeing to these Milan Signature Terms & Conditions, you are also agreeing to the BanyanWay Terms of Use agreement found here: BanyanWay Terms of Use
We serve Indian parents who have singles of Indian Origin living in the US, with a particular focus on singles who were born and raised in the US
We serve Indian singles who are living in the US.
We are open to clients of any religion, language or caste within the Indian community.
Milan Signature is a personalized and confidential service, but does not cater specifically to any social class.
We DO NOT provide services to anyone under the age of 21.

2. Sources of Profiles

We use a variety of resources to find prospective profiles for you, which may include:

• Parents in our proprietary database
• Singles in our proprietary database
• Singles and parents who attend our events
• Partnering with other matchmakers across the US
• Other matrimonial resources

At our sole discretion, we may place matrimonial advertisements in relevant publications, which may include online, print, and other media. If we place such an advertisement, utmost care is taken to protect the identity of the client with no identifiable information being disclosed.

3. What You Can Expect

Soon after your initial Milan Signature subscription is activated by paying the subscription fee, you will have a detailed discussion with a BanyanWay Relationship Manager. During this meeting, the Relationship Manager will get to know you and gather the appropriate information necessary to provide you with relevant profiles.

As a new client, you can expect the first profile to be presented no later than 2 weeks after the video call with the Relationship Manager. Our team uses this time to establish a good communicative relationship with you and to understand your needs. The relationship manager will spend this time searching for and reaching out to appropriate individuals.

• If there are special search criteria which must be met, the presentation of initial profiles will take a longer time period.

Any strict preferences such as diet, language, location, etc. should be communicated clearly to the Relationship Manager during the initial meeting at the beginning of the subscription period.

4. Profiles Presented to You

We believe in quality over quantity. To support this goal, we provide carefully selected profiles based on your single’s preferences. We DO NOT send a lot of irrelevant profiles which will waste your time.

We present the carefully selected, relevant profiles one at a time. We DO NOT present the next profile to you unless you tell us that the current profile did not work for you.

If a presented profile is not acceptable to you, your Relationship Manager will collect feedback from you on what you liked and did not like about the profile. This valuable feedback is essential for adjusting the search and increasing the chance of presenting a more relevant profile in the future.

We do not match horoscopes, but we can gather horoscopes from prospective profiles while screening if that is desired.

There is no minimum or a maximum number of profiles that we may present to you. We will present matching profiles based on your search criteria and feedback. No profile is presented casually or without careful consideration by our Milan Signature team.

We DO NOT guarantee any particular outcome from the profiles we present to you.

For existing clients who move to a month-to-month plan after their full service period ends, we will continue to provide profiles deemed appropriate. We do not guarantee any number of profiles presented per month for clients on the month-to-month plan.

5. Communication

We can communicate with you, your single or both of you based on your preference.

Relationship Managers will make every effort to be communicative with you, first by email, then by text and if the need arises, by a phone call.

• We will be in some form of communication with you every two weeks and will be accessible by text message in the time period between these communications.
• We DO NOT provide regular phone updates. We will set up a call only if a pressing need arises.
• We will make every effort to respond to messages from you within 2 business days. Weekends and National Holidays are not considered business days.

We DO NOT tolerate any demeaning or negative behavior towards any of our Relationship Managers or other employees. Any grievances can be communicated in writing in a respectful manner and we will respond to these on a timely basis.

6. Other Services

Milan Events for Parents and Hello! Events for Singles

• If you are a parent who has subscribed to Milan Signature, we may invite you to attend Milan events for Parents or your single to attend Hello! events for Singles.
• If you are a single who has subscribed to Milan Signature, we may invite you to attend Hello! events for Singles.
• These invitations may come with a discounted entry fee because you are a Milan Signature subscriber. If there is such an invitation, you will need to register for the event with a special promotion code provided by your
Relationship Manager.

We DO NOT nudge, push, suggest or coerce anyone to achieve a certain outcome. At BanyanWay we take pride in enabling appropriate connections by presenting relevant profiles, but what happens after the connection is made is not in the purview of our services.

7. Pricing and Payment

Milan Signature is based on a fixed period of time (3, 6 or 12 months) with full payment made in advance. The service can be cancelled within 7 days of the initial credit card processing date and a refund, minus a 5% service charge, will be made. No refunds are available after 7 days past the initial credit card processing date.


• You will be contacted by email approximately one week before your service term ends.

Discounts may be offered from time to time to new subscribers at our sole discretion. No additional discounts are available for a service period that has already been paid.

We may, at our sole discretion and at any time, decide to cancel your service term and stop providing you services. If we stop providing services before the end of your current service term, then you will be refunded a portion of your payment for that subscription period based on the following time frames:

• Days 1 – 30 after period payment: 50% refund
• Days 31 – 60 after period payment: 25% refund
• After day 60: No refund is provided


Milan Signature clients have the option to renew for a full service period (3, 6 or 12 months) or move to a month-to-month service plan. The month-to-month service plan is only available within two weeks of the end of the end date of the client’s original full service period. Payment for each month must be made by credit card in advance and must be coordinated with the client’s Relationship Manager. Month-to-month payments are non-refundable after 3 days beyond payment date. Any refunds will incur a 5% processing fee.

8. Verification and validation of information

We trust that the information provided by our clients is true.

We validate the identity of profiles by checking social and professional media presence such as Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. We also talk directly with parents and singles being presented.

We DO NOT perform formal background checks on prospective profiles that we present to you.

Any use or reliance on any information you obtain through our services is at your own risk. We are not responsible for the actions of our users or your interactions with other users and we advise you to use the services safely and responsibly.

9. Other Items

Clients and their families may be contacted to provide text, audio, or video testimonials to help BanyanWay in our marketing strategies.

If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us at

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