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Parents’ Guide to Indian Matrimony in the USA: Modern Matchmaking Meets Tradition

Indian Matrimony in the USA – For an Indian-origin parent based in the USA, going through the matchmaking journey for your single child can sometimes feel like walking a tightrope between tradition and modernity.

Many Indian parents have gone through traditional systems of matchmaking to find their lifelong partner. This included involvement from friends, family and community. But today, traditional roles in Indian matchmaking are rapidly changing – especially in the USA.

To address this, we at BanyanWay have designed three key offerings. Each offering has been created to assist Indian-Americans in different stages of their lives, as they navigate the ever-changing landscape of Indian-American matchmaking.

1. Milan Connect: for Parents

Milan Connect is BanyanWay’s Exclusive Matchmaking Portal, designed exclusively for parents of Indian singles raised or living in the USA. Parents can sift through profiles and connect to parents via a private platform. Milan Connect platform allows parents to filter profiles based on where singles were raise and where they are currently residing.

FESTIVE OFFER: Sign up for 3 months on our Milan Connect: Premium Tier – for free! Offer is valid from October – December 2023. Spread the word to your family and friends who could benefit from this special offer.

2. Milan Signature: for both Singles and Parents

Milan Signature offers curated matchmaking for Indian Americans. This is a highly customize and confidential service where we work alongside you to find a long lasting relationship. On average, our Milan Signature clients have a mutual connection within 3 weeks of the initial meeting with our team. At Milan Signature we understand the delicate nuances involved in matchmaking, and it is our passion to help you find your match.

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3. BanyanWay App: for Singles

BanyanWay App is a new social networking platform for connecting Indian singles living in the US. It also hosts live events with Indian-Americans in various major cities across the U.S. BanyanWay bridges traditional match-making and modern dating.

Check out the App here! – Android –Get it on Google Play, iPhone – Get it on App Store

Whether you as a parent want a hands-on approach to finding your single child a suitable match, or you want to help your child find one on his or her own – there is a platform for you.

Once you join an establish network via any of the above three offerings, you will be connected with hundreds of profiles to choose from. Join or share this with anyone who may benefit from it.

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**Parents! Are you looking for some support in your child’s matchmaking journey? Check out Milan Signature– our customized matchmaking service or try “Milan Connect”- an exclusive matchmaking portal for parents of Indian singles in the USA.

Milan Connect is now offering a special “Festive Offer” – 3 months of 100% discount on our premium tier services.**


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